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*Before anything else: Please excuse my English. I had to write a hundred of memories in a very short time that were tricky to concret, think and describe even in my mother lenguage. I promise I will work on that for future releases.*


Theme adecuation

The game idea is to choose what memories has to keep in order to remain together with the ones you lived this memories with. Sometimes you spend large periods of time with people and somehow you end far of them in the future.

Some of those memories are idealized by autosuggestion or toxicity and sometimes is just better just to analyze what do you miss, why do you miss it -and if it is healthy-, who were you on that time, and who is important to you from those times.

For me, the game has been turned into a introspection of my teenage, and how did I stablish friendships and and first loves. Also, how much did I changed since them and who I must credit for that -as well as who I think I need in my life again because they remain important to me.


Gameplay & Objetive

Navigate and read descriptions for objects which embody memories. 

Keep twenty in a box... and the remain will be dumped to the trash or burnt (is your choice!).



 Use WASD to navigate within the chosen box in order to observate the object.

Use Left Arrow and Right Arrow to change the box.

Use Down Arrow to save current object.  



It have been difficult and sort of painful for me. To do this this game I had to ask serious questions about who I'm right now - and who I have to thank for that. I did that just to know what binds remain with the ones I loved some time ago... and how those binds mannifest.

I concluded that, what link me from my own past and my decisions, and so with others, are my memories. But, since I have a terrible memory -I know it from my childhood: some issues with short-term memory...-, I "store" the most precious moments, those memories, into certain objects...

Those objects are indexes to my brain, as proxies or something, to access complex memory structures. Put that this way: those memories are embodied into objects. And I keep them in five boxes. About a hundred of moments await there for me to trigger joy, or pain, or wisdom or repent... But I'm moving to another city, so I must collect a selection of twenty, put them on a little box and get rid of the others... Whom will I keep those bindings with through the "indexes"? Who I must forget forever?


Thank you very much for your time.

If you have some comments about the game or the content, don't hesitate to contact!



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